Equal Billing Program

Did you know....?

We offer Money-Saving Discounts...

Deeth & White / Fitzgerald Fuels is happy to offer programs like our “Equal Billing” interest-free budget plan and “Prompt Payment” early payment discounts for our fuel oil delivery customers.

“...We have been helping customers manage their home heating needs since 1950. Our friendly office staff are happy to answer any questions or put your mind at ease over any concerns regarding your account...”

Do you...

own a home

use a minimum of 1500 litres of fuel during a heating season?

have your account set up on our automatic delivery program?

have a minimum of one complete heating season history of fuel delivery with Deeth & White / Fitzgerald Fuels?

*If you answered YES to all the above, contact us to arrange for your personal equal billing plan.

Our Equal billing Plan offers 10 interest free monthly payments.

Your monthly payment is determined by estimating your annual cost for the new heating season based on your fuel usage from the previous year and current rates.

Please Note:

All service calls, HWT Billing and/or Furnace Protection Plans charges are to be paid for separately. These are charges are NOT included in Equal Billing Calculations.

Payment Methods

We offer convenient payment methods for our equal billing plan including:

We offer convenient paperless billing…

We proudly offer the convenience and environmentally friendly option of paperless billing. With a valid email address, we can forward any charges, statements or any information relating to your account directly to you through our email system. Call us today become a part of the Paperless Billing Program.


Prompt Payment Discount:

We wish to offer our customers a 2% Prompt Payment Discount, for fuel oil delivery charges that are paid within 10 days of the date of the delivery. If you wish to take advantage of this discount, be sure to mention it to our staff when paying for your fuel delivery.